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Confessions of a Beyoncé Hater

Beychella 2018…let me just say, “AMAZING!” I have never been a part of the Beehive. Admittedly, I am a reluctant fan. I like a few songs. Maybe one or two off of each album that I have on my run playlist, but I never really understood the world’s obsession with Bey. Well babbbyyy! Let me tell you. NOW. I. GET. IT! She is the queen, and she deserves all of the props given to her.

I didn’t even know that Coachella was going on until yesterday. I think I found out while scrolling Instagram. It still didn’t hit me that, “This is the weekend Beyoncé will perform.” I guess I just don’t care that much…until I got to Sunday School, and my sister said, “Jon Jon stayed up last night to watch Beyoncé! He said, ‘She did that!’”

I was perplexed. How? On what? The miracle of all miracles.”We have T-Mobile and they live streamed it. They dropped it at three this morning” I tried to play it off with an eye-roll, “How many more times is this chick going to drop albums and what not? Isn’t that old news?” But secretly, I was trying to figure out how I could watch it. Was it still streaming? Would they re-broadcast? Would it be available when Sunday School was over? Low and behold when I left class at 10:30AM and checked my phone, it was available on YouTube! I sped home to mirror it on my tv just in case it was a mistake and YouTube decided to snatch it down before I could watch it.

I propped up on my couch ready to criticize and critique, but Bey did something spectacular. She marched in like a queen, sang the black national anthem and gave me at least 60 minutes of homecoming/ probate step show at an HBCU!

On top of that, the second or third song was my favorite, FORMATION! I was hooked! By the time she got to “Lose My Breath” with Kelly and Michelle, I was literally in the living doing jumping jacks like we do when my trainer plays it in class! When it was over, I realized that she had performed all of the songs that I loved, and I had sang everyone of them!

Listen I know some of you guys are out there like me saying, “She’s doing too much. What’s all the hype? Give us a break!” I won’t argue with you. All I can tell you is that Beyonce is the Michael Jackson of this generation!. Give her credit for that. I have to at least acknowledge that she is a true performer.

Now, I am not a member of the Beyhive (they are a bit crazy).  I will admit that I did drink a bit of the Beyonce Kool-aid, it tastes pretty good, and that alpha line of Beta Delta Kappa Spring 2018 is looking good right now! Here’s why I had to taste and see.

I thought about it, and Bey is me.  Beyoncé is a black woman from Texas. She is successful. She is talented. She is proud of being black. She is proud of her culture. The more the world tells her what she can’t do, the more she shows them what she CAN do. She empowers women. She empowers young girls. She loves her husband, but shares through song her fight to preserve black love. She’s a big sister who loves her little sister! She is loyal to her friends. When she gets put on, she brings her friends along with her. How can you NOT LIKE someone like that?

I am ashamed that it took me this long to recognize her greatness. My line sister tried to tell me, but I wasn’t hearing it. I’ll say it now, “I’m sorry, Kim! You were right! Beyoncé is G.O.A.T.!” At least one of them. I can’t deny anymore that she is to be held in the same regard as Tina and Janet! She is definitely the best entertainer alive today. Don’t believe me? Watch Coachella.

From one Texas girl to another, thank you Beyoncé for keeping it all the way live and making me a believer! #givingBeyherprops #coachella2018